About W.K.K.A.

Our association, Kusano-ha Shitoryu,situated in Otsu-City in Shiga Prefecture,
was established in 1965 for the purpose of developing young men's sound minds
and bodies.
In 1981, we achieved our dream to make Karate an official event at the all Japan
sports festival in Shiga.
Mr. Kenji Kusano,Soke of our association,had been acting as chairman to the
"making athletes stronger" team@for a long time,and lead the Shiga team to win
the general championship.
At present,we have 68 dojos in Shiga,Kyoto,Osaka,Hyogo,Nara,Mie,Fukui,Ishikawa
and Toyama in Japan,and 44@dojos in@England,Sweden,Scotland,France,Belgium,
Israel,Iran,West and South Africa and Malaysia.
We have grown up as one of the world famous Karate styles.
All,from young to old students,practice under
the guidance of the chief of the branch
All the Kusano-ha students from all over Japan
gather and show the fruits of their everyday training
During the summer vacation,students stay in the dojo
to learn the importance of acting in a group
Every year on 3rd Nov.,all the Kusano-ha students
gather and show their fruit.
Situated on a high hill by Lake Biwa-here,all the students
take their grading test and qualifications.