This picture is Soke sensei Koshukai in Scotland on May 2011.

Soke sensei has go to Scotland 11th May to 18th May 2011.
Takashi Kozuka(Teppei)6th Dan ShihandaiB and Naoya Takatsuchi 3rd Dan shidoin
went together.

We did KATA "Sanseiru"

The gashuku will be held in England 2012.
Soke Kenji Kusano sensei will go to Belgium
From 12th to 19th May 2010.

The gashuku(Koshu-kai) is 14-15-16May.

Takashi Kozuka(Teppei)6th Dan ShihandaiB go with him.

We are looking forword to see you!!
Soke senei will go to Sweden 20th May to 27th May 2009.

Takashi Kozuka(Teppei)6th Dan ShihandaiB go with him.

Also, Tatsuro Saito,Yohei Kawarazaki will go together.

I hope you also come to Sweden!!
Nidaime soke senei will go to England 26th March to 1st April 2008

Takashi Kozuka(Teppei)6th Dan ShihandaiB go with him.

Also, Daiki Katsuki,Masaya Nakajima,Tatsuro Saito,Yohei Oikawa,Naoya Takatsuchi will go together.

We are looking forword to see you!!
Sohonbu's Dog

His name is KEN.

He is the Japanese midget Shiba.

He sometime escape from his house...
Emiko Honma who is daughter of Keiichi Honma-Shihan won at
the 61st National sports festival.
She participated woman Kumite.

This is the Japan sports assosiation Home page

She won at JKF All Japan Karate championships 2005.
and, She was 2nd place at 2006.

Nidaime soke sensei served as the supervisor of Shiga Prefecture.
5people from Malaysia had come to Sohonbu 19th to 30th October 2006.
The member are Saifuddin, Sivakumar,Sazrin, Danial and his father
Mr.Wan Shariman.

3 students took part in the 43rd W.K.K.A. All Japan championships
and they got the prize.

Last day, they passed the Examination!
Hogan Rudberg Shihan-dai and Michael Forelius Shido-in had come
to Sohonbu from Sweden.
They stayed 8th to 15th April 2006.
They trained every day at Sohonbu with Nidaime soke sensei.
And, they went to blanch Dojo in afternoon.

Michael passed his 4th Dan examination.

They stayed Japanese Ryokan duling their stay in Japan.
If you want stay here, at next your visit to Japan...
15th Sep, 2006

Johannes Ehinger has come to Sohonbu to Train from Sweden.

He stay Japan 6th to 20th September.
He train everyday at Sohonbu with Sohonbu staff and Soke sensei, Nidaime Soke sensei.
And, he goes to blanch Dojo in afternoon.

He will try Shodan examination last day.

EEEHe passed his examination! This is the after examination.
This picture is Koshukai in Belgium on May 2006.

We did KATA "Gojushiho" and "Saifa"
For children (Especially, for white belt child) Saifa is little difficult.
But, They tried hard.

One of the young students said to a instructor
"Can I go to eat Sandwich?" while training time.

It was fanny.

The instructor said "No"
and He continued plactice of KATA...

Also, A Shime kazari is a type of Japanese traditional decoration.

It is made of straw.

Usually put it on the front door from January 1
until January 7 or January 15,
they are considered temporary housing for the the KAMI at New Year.

A kadomatsu is a type of Japanese traditional decoration,
usually made of pine and bamboo, which represent longevity and wealth, respectively.

Usually placed in front of the house from January 1 until January 7 or January 15,
they are considered temporary housing for the the KAMI at New Year.

Designs for kadomatsu vary depending on region.
This is front of Dojo.
There are in So-honbu, Yamashina, Kusatsu, Katata and Nagahama dojo.
The left characters reading is "NAMU FUDOU MYOU OU"
The right characters reading is "KEN ZEN ICHI NYO"
The characters in logo reading is "KENSHIKAN"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acala ---explain of FUDOU MYUOU OU
This is the "MAKIWARA"

This is the traditional system of making strong fist.
"MAKI(MAKU)" mean "wrap" or "round".
"WARA" mean rice straw.

If you train with this every day, you will able to
This is the garden of So-honbu.

You can see this place in the W.K.K.A. newspaper.
Soke sensei did some moving of KATA in here.

There are about 30 Japanese carps.

Carp is called in Japanese "KOI"
When you come to Sohonbu you can see this in Japanese room in Sohonbu.
This is the Souden-sho of Shitoryu.
Souden-sho is the certificate of the head of Shitoryu.
This was written by Mabuni Sensei who made Shitoryu.
Tani sensei who made Shukoukai was gave this from Mabuni Sensei.
And, Kusano Kenji Sensei was gave from Tani sensei on 1989.
This is because of Kusano-ha shitoryu is the lineal style of Shitoryu.
Nidaime sensei's Gashuku 2006

NidaimeSoke sensei will go to Belgium on 19th
to 21th May, 2006.
We looking forward to see you!
Mr.Ola Persson & Miss.Anna Bergman from Kenshikan Lund Sweden
has come to Sohonbu to training.

They passed thier exam on 28th June..
Ola passed Shidoin-ho
Anna passed 2nd Kyu.
midaime Soke sensei's Gashuku 2005

The Gashuku was held on 6th,7th 8th May in
Stockholm Sweden.
The students came fromSweden,England,
Scotland and Belgium.
They learned SUPARINPAI and SEIRU.
Also, the examination was held on 8th May.
24 Students passed their examination.

Mr. Michael Lim (5th Dan, Malaysia)
Mr. Liu Xiangwei (1st Dan, China)
trained at sohonbu for one week.
A Happy new year!!

New year ceremony at Sohonbu.
We made 40th anniversary commemorative sweat shirt.
There are 3 types.
How to read this characters are
"Ken zen ichi nyo".
If you want to order, say to Chief instructor of your country.
Size: S/M/L/2L/3L/4L
price: \2,940-
Grant Smith(3rd Dan shidoin, England)
Simon Smith(2nd Dan, England)
are training at Sohonbu Japan.
They will stay until Feb, 2004.

written by Teppei